Company History

Nnovative Automation was registered on the 18th of November 2014.  Initially small installations and automation projects were done which quickly led to more complex projects.  As the word spread of excellent work, good relationships were built with various clients and innovative automation quickly became a more reputable company.

What we do

Nnovative Automation does System Integration and Industrial Automation.

We specialise in production lines, machine integration and communication interfacing.

Food and beverage, Automotive and Mining industries are some of the major industries that Nnovative Automation is focussing on.

Strategy and Vision

Vision statement

Nothing is impossible with the right mind set and tools.

 Mission statement

Nnovative Automation is all about improving efficiency and quality in production plants. As the economy grows, so does the need for efficiency. We provide solutions to make production plants more efficient and to be a top performer in its class.

Automation, engineering, consulting, sales and technical support is our speciality. The advantage of this business is that we have the hands on experience and the ‘know how’ to improve any production plant. Technology evolves every day and so should production plants. We make it our duty to stay up to date with the latest technology and therefore be able to have the knowledge to provide the best possible solutions.


  • Honesty is our best policy
  • Being fair towards customers, employees and ourselves
  • We belief that Continuous development is key to growth

“Nnovative Automation will not let anyone walk through the company with their dirty feet”

Business Goals

Nnovative Automation intents to be the company of choice due to excellent work and professional collaboration with all its clients.

 Business Objective

Managing project time lines to achieve project goals

Good communication at all times

Innovative thinking and problem solving

 Growth strategy

  • Continuous development in the latest software and hardware needed in the industry
  • Employing specialised individuals to cater for greater diversity
  • Offering competitive services to potential clients
  • Excellent service is our biggest marketing tool
  • Adapting to fluctuating circumstances and rising above
Effortless Integration
Machine Building
Custom Panel Building
An eye on perfection